Information on Privacy


The following information refers to the use of this WebSite – (http;// the “WebSite) managed by Tabaccheria Rizzi and the use of all the services offered on the site. Our objective is to guarantee at all times total care of your personal data. We kindly ask you to read the Information on Privacy carefully to help understand the type of information collected and its use.

1 Type of information collected

When you register to create an account on the site, you will be asked for personal information such as your name, surname, address, place of birth, gender, date of birth, nationality, email address, telephone number and credit card details. You will also be asked to choose a User Name and a Password for your User Account.
When you purchase a product or utilise other services from the site, information relative to that particular transaction is registered such as – Type of product purchased, shipping address, credit card details and payment. Communications such as emails are stored to aid in the follow up for your request, to answer your questions and for the overall improvement of our services. Furthermore, every time you interact with us information such as IP address, type and version of browser utilised for navigation and the operating system is collected. The so-called “Cookies” are utilised on the site and every time the site is accessed information is collected. Cookies is data that is transferred to your hard disc in your computer through the browser and that permit us to recognise you when you access the site in a way that helps the system to remember your browser set up and personalise the site according to your needs. You can also deactivate the cookies from the set-up option on the browser but remember that from the moment that the cookies are disabled you will not be able to utilise all the services offered on the web.

2 How the collected information is used

All the information that is collected from our clients help us to personalise and improve your buying experience on the site. The information collected is utilised to manage orders, shipping products, performance of requested services, personalisation of contents and buying experience on the site, the payment procedure, optimising our products and services and overall improvement of the site itself. From the moment that our clients feel safeguarded the information collected is utilised for the research and the prevention of fraud and other illegal activities. Furthermore, the information is utilised to send special offers and information on products that could interest you. Your personal data is used exclusively for commercial use for the foreseen period by law and after which cancelled.

3 Sharing of information with third parties

For us the protection of your personal data is extremely important and we want that your data is in good hands. The information is shared exclusively as indicated previously and only with third parties that respect the protection of personal data law and guarantee an adequate level of protection. Your personal data will be shared with Tabaccheria Rizzi. Tabaccheria Rizzi is held by contract to conform to the law regarding the protection of data and insure that your personal data is always protected in an adequate way. For some services such as the delivery of products, payment procedure, client services we make use of third parties. The third parties will have access to the personal data that we have collected from you that is necessary for completing these functions. Third parties are not authorised to utilise your personal data for any other reason and are obligated by contract to conform by law to the protection of personal data. The information regarding personal data will be revealed where requested by law to respect the General Terms and Conditions and carry out eventual future agreements. in the case of investigative actions and for the prevention of fraud or other illegal activities.
In all other cases, personal information is shared with third parties only with your explicit consent. You will have the opportunity to choose that your personal data is not shared with any third party. We insure you that in the case of transferring your personal data to offices abroad your personal data is adequately safe guarded. The third parties in question will ensure to guarantee a constant level of security. Nonetheless, we cannot except any responsibility with regard to the functionality of the third parties.

4 Privacy Rights.

At any moment you will be able to contact us and ask for information regarding your collected personal data. Furthermore, you will be able to request modifications, up-dating or the cancellation of your personal data. We ask you to please take into account that once personal data has been cancelled services offered will no longer be available.
You will have the possibility at any moment to modify, up-date and cancel your personal data regarding your name, surname, address, country of residence and credit card details when you access your account on the Web Site. Naturally you will be able to cancel your account at any desired moment.

5 Who looks after personal information and contacts

The personal information will be controlled by Tabaccheria Rizzi. For any questions regarding the information on privacy, treatment of personal data and the exercise of rights please contact Tabaccheria Rizzi, Via Trento 27, 25128 Brescia. Your requests will be treated with the maximum seriousness to resolve problems regarding your privacy as quickly as possible.

6 Modification to information on privacy.

Information on privacy is subject to periodic modification targeted to guarantee better protection for your personal data. We advise you to check the information periodically on privacy when you access your account. The use of the site by you indicates your general consensus regarding the up-dated version of information on privacy.

7 Relative Information.

Before using the Web Site we kindly as you to read “ General Terms and Conditions” carefully.